Take Coffee Bike London for a spin…

Sample a coffee or tea from our mobile coffee bike, and you’ll be tasting exceptional tea and coffee sourced from only two suppliers: Gold Box Roastery, and Storm Tea. With our expert baristas to serve your brews at their best, we think you’ll notice the difference.

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Gold Box Roastery

Your coffee's journey begins long before it arrives in the roastery, let alone your hand. It starts with the skill and passion of the farmers who make our speciality coffees possible. Gold Box roasters travel the world to visit them, sampling their wares, and selecting the very best beans.

Then – and this is what really makes Coffee Bike London’s coffee special – the beans are roasted in small batches. That matters, because small batch roasting means every bean receives a fuller roast. It gives time for a richer flavour to develop. And when small batches are stored in small sacks, it means the beans at the bottom of the sack stay just as fresh and flavoursome as the ones at the top.

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Storm tea

Brew a STORM in your tea cup and you choose a better class of tea. This is real loose leaf tea, certified organic by the Soil Association, with no GM ingredients, no additives and no preservatives. Encased in a ‘silky’ tea pyramid that lets the fullest of flavours flow, STORM is simply exceptional tea.

For the crisp freshness of organic peppermint’s natural oils. For the gentle reinvigoration of organic Chinese Chun Mee green tea. For the delicacy of zesty, lemon bergamot oil-infused organic Earl Grey tea, and many more, hire Coffee Bike London.

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