Care in (and out of) every cup

What’s the point in obsessing over the tiniest details of every leaf and bean when the cups and mobile coffee trike you use to serve it undo all your hard work?

That’s why our mobile coffee service obsesses not only about what’s inside the cup, but the cup itself - and the bike and the power it takes to deliver it.

  • Our hand-built, mobile coffee tricycles are non-motorised with low carbon emissions, making us safe and non-polluting on pavements, walkways and inside buildings.

  • Thanks to our internal power system, you can hire us even when there’s no mains power.

Ethically sourced, honestly

You’ll often see mobile coffee services like ours promoting themselves as “ethically sourced”. But what does that really mean?

At Coffee Bike London, it means all our tea and coffee is sourced from farmers and growers our suppliers know and visit regularly. They are farmers who are paid fairly so they can keep growing great tea and coffee, sustainably.

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